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Millennials Enthusiastic About Green New Deal

Feb 9, 2019

“Our polling shows that the Green New Deal actually polls very well, even when people consider the potential costs. First, in our election survey last fall, we tested a green-job guarantee, which is a core component of the Green New Deal. The resolution released Thursday proposes ‘guaranteeing a job with a family-sustaining wage, adequate family and disability leave, paid vacations, and retirement security to all members of our society.’ Mainstream Democratic think tanks have released differing plans on how the government could achieve this goal, though this push has upset some centrists and neoliberals.

We asked voters if they would support ‘giving every unemployed American who wants one a job building energy-efficient infrastructure.’ Sixty percent of respondents said they somewhat or strongly support the policy, compared to just 13 percent who somewhat or strongly opposed the policy. (The rest were unsure.)

While that idea has broad support, millennials outpace other generations on the question of a green-jobs guarantee …

Last month, we polled the Green New Deal and specifically disclosed potential costs of the legislation. We asked respondents:

Would you support or oppose a Green New Deal to end fossil fuel use in the United States and have the government create clean energy jobs? The plan would be paid for by raising taxes, including a tax on carbon emissions.

Even with a potentially large set of costs in mind, millennials continue to support rather than oppose the Green New Deal by nearly a 30-point margin, though Green New Deal proponents have their work cut out for them with other generations. (Following Pew Research, we define millennials as ages 18–37, Generation X as 38–53, baby boomers as 54–72, and Silent as 72 or older.)

Our research shows that age strongly predicts support for the Green New Deal, even controlling for several variables like party, ideology, and race. One wonders if this is because young people, unlike older generations, must contemplate living through the worst effects of climate change a few decades down the line.

Another key component of the Green New Deal is a focus on racial justice: The Green New Deal resolution includes explicit language that the GND will ‘promote justice and equity by preventing current and repairing historic oppression to frontline and vulnerable communities.’”

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